Penlan has a number of proprietary drug delivery technologies at its disposal.  Penlan uses these technologies to support its innovative product development pipeline and is able to adapt its technologies to design the ideal product. 


Aragel™ Mucoadhesive Gel for oral, gastric, vaginal and rectal drug delivery

Aragel drug delivery system targets the delivery of drugs to mucous membranes from the oral cavity through to vaginal delivery of drugs.  Aragel, in combination with other innovative application systems, can be used to deliver products that assist patient compliance.  Using novel combinations of excipients the formulations are developed to create the optimal formulation for the patient and can include drug penetration enhancement as well as delayed drug delivery.  Products suited for the technology include local anaesthetics, antibacterials, antifungals, steroids, analgesics and anti-inflammatories.


Valiant™ Mucoadhesive Tablets for vaginal and rectal drug delivery

Based upon Penlan’s Aragel technology, dry compressed mucoadhesive tablets create a more suitable delivery system for rectal and vaginal delivery.  Using different application techniques, such systems are designed to allow a controlled release of active drug within the local environment.  Products suited for the technology include local anaesthetics, antibacterials, antifungals, steroids, analgesics and anti-inflammatories


Suralo™ Sustained Release Liquid Oral Medicines

Penlan’s proprietary technology, Suralo, is an innovative drug delivery solution to address the unmet needs of the dysphagic patient.  The compliance and convenience benefits of solid oral controlled-release dosage forms are restricted for the dysphagic patient.  Suralo is able to address these needs as well as offering prescribers a limitless number of dose options as the dose can be individually titrated. Products suited for the technology include analgesics, cough/cold preparations, products for paediatrics and most products that are normally available in modified release form.


Sentolis™ Stability Enhanced Topical and Oral Liquid System

Sentolis is a novel method of overcoming stability and storage issues with regards to liquid medicines, whether they are for topical or oral use.  With increasing numbers of liquids dispensed for the dysphagic patient, the Sentolis system offers an effective regulatory pathway to license liquid medicines that have an appropriate shelf life for normal distribution.  As such, it can be used to minimise the use of unlicensed and extemporaneously prepared liquid medicines.

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